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Seattle fibromyalgia doctor

Dr. Ashley Rusnak was born in Moorhead, MN. She became interested in Fibromyalgia Syndrome and Chronic Pain after being injured as a nursing aid and ended up with severe neck problems and carpal tunnel syndrome. After many sleepless and painful nights, she visited her local chiropractor. To her surprise, she received long term relief with chiropractic care. Following this experience she continued her undergraduate studies at the University of Minnesota and graduated with honors with a degree in Human Biology. She then attended Northwestern Health Sciences University and graduated at the top of her class with magna cum laude honors.

Dr. Rusnak is board certified and takes a comprehensive approach to health and wellness using chiropractic, muscular and nutritional therapies. She takes time to thoroughly listen to your health concerns and, when necessary, utilize diagnostic tests to identify the cause of the illness. She use natural, safe therapies to restore the body’s ability to heal. Dr. Rusnak also works with an extensive referral network to refer you to the appropriate provider for your Fibromyalgia treatment if needed.

The Fibromyalgia Solutions Program is a comprehensive program that was developed through research of many other Fibromyalgia treatment programs throughout the country. The key component of this program is to diagnose the correct category of Fibromyalgia for the patient so that treatment can be administrated correctly through structural, nutritional, and/or emotional therapies.